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Nissan 350z Parts and Accessories

Nissan 350z Parts and Accessories

Brief history of the 350z

The 350z, manufactured by Nissan Motor Co, LTD, is the 5th generation of Nissan’s Z-car line. It is now the most current model in the Z-car line. The Z-car line started back in 1969 with their Datsun 240Z. The Nissan 350Z has tons of aftermarket parts and accessories on the market. These parts and accessories can be found on an accessory car online store. The parts for the Nissan 350Z make this sports car even more popular in the world of automotive modifications.

Exterior Parts and Accessories for the Nissan 350Z

Beginner Nissan 350Z Parts and Accessories
To achieve mild rating you need the following parts:

· Fenders – Give some flair to your quarter panels.

· Racing Carbon Fiber Hood - Light weight performance with style. Vented hoods will decrease your temperature under the hood. 20F degree decrease = 3% HP gain.

· Aftermarket Car Spoiler – Even out your body’s ground effects with sleek spoiler.

Intermediate Nissan 350Z Parts and Accessories
To achieve intermediate rating you need the following parts:

· Aftermarket Body Kit – Give your car a unique style and look.

· Lamborghini Doors Kit - Separate yourself from all other. 350z Vertical Door

Radical Nissan 350Z Parts and Accessories
To achieve radical rating you need the following parts:

· Shaved door handles - Show your modifying skills with the details.

· Shaved trunk handle – Show your modifying skills with the details.

· Fender flares - wide body – Give your car the solid appearance of a wide body.

· Custom taillights – Make a change from stock. Make them think…What make, model is that?

· Carbon Fiber Headlight – Finish touches on your front end make a huge difference.

· Custom Car Body Kit Ground Effects – Adjust your weight distribution and appearance.

· Head light eyelids – Make your car look mean.

Interior Parts and Accessories for the Nissan 350Z

The Nissan 350Z comes with a nice clean interior that has a lot of potential for aftermarket parts and accessories. Some of the first items will change the dash of the 350z. Parts that can change the look of your dash include:

· Auto Dash Trim Kit – Make your interior fun to look at.

· Glow Gauges – Make sure they match your color scheme

· Pillar Gauges – Visibly of your gauge will help increase your track times.

After modifying the dash, many enthusiast move onto other interior elements. Parts and accessories like this include:

· Euro Sim Leather Racing Seats – Make all your passengers yell shotgun!

· Brand Logo Seat Belt Pads – Rep your favorite brand in comfort.

· Steering Wheels – Helps your handling control, and shows you are a serious modifier.

· Racing Pedals – Help with traction on your feet and improve your interior’s look.

· Manual Shift Knob – Make it “your” knob; 100% Comfortable.

· Aluminum Floor Mats – Make your interior neon lights glow with ease!

Performance Parts and Accessories for the Nissan 350Z

Not only does the Nissan 350Z come with a sleek body, but it also comes stock with 287-306 BHP. On top of that, there is plenty of potential to increase that number, and decrease your 350z’s track times. Here is a layout of basic to intense performance products to help gain your power.

Bigger - To achieve the minimum requirement you will need the following parts:

· Air Intakes – Increase your high end power and give your car the beastly roar of an aftermarket intake. Sounds much better then the stock’s chain saw sound.

-Injen Cold Air Intakes

· Strut Bar – Tighten your turns and increase your handling.

· Car Exhaust System – Find your perfect back pressure and give your car a beefy sound. Matches great with an intake.

Intermediate - Obviously you must do everything to get it mild. Additional parts you will need:

· Headers Weapon R (Must if available) - Increase your horse power by directly flowing your fumes down your exhaust system.

· Fuel Rail Pressure Regulator (Must) – Don’t run too lean or rich. Have control.

· GReddy Spark Plugs (Must) – Give your engine the spark it needs.

· Pulley (Must) – It’s all about the mechanics.

· Gears (Recommended) - It’s all about the mechanics.

· Ground Wire Kit (Recommended) – Always a good idea to replace and upgrade with these parts and accessories.

· Performance Chips / VTEC Controller (Recommended) – Tell your ECU what you want.

Radical - Combining mild and wild. Additionally you will the following parts:

· Nissan 350z Turbo Kit / Zex Nitrous Kit – Forced induction, it’s the best way to go for true power increases.

350Z HKS

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